Lets Review Leveraged Profit System

Today I started a new website. This website and blog were created to test online profit producing systems, to see if there really is money to be made!

The first system that I will test is Leveraged Profit System.


I will attempt to follow all the guidelines and all of the suggestions this program offers. Yes, there is a cost for this. If you decide to follow my journey and invest in this company, there is an outlay of cost. I will tell you every expense that I have incurred while testing this profit-making system. As with most business opportunities. There is a cost to start up. Brick and mortars run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Online, far more effective and far less pricey. Wish me luck in my journey. Hopefully, it will make money for all of us. If not, I'll let you know... At least how successful I am. ` I am not coming at this from a position of wealth. I will be starting this at the Bare Bones level. Because I don't want to lose money. I want to see if the system works!

What I have into it so far...

  • I paid $500 to my sponsor. This is the bottom level. There is actually five levels ranging from $500 to $11,000. If this system works, I will be upgrading to the 11,000 level. Like the rest of us, I want to see it work before I dump a lot of money into it!
  • $167 For administrative fees. This connects you to the system and gives you access to your leads list, premade, cut and paste ads and the ability to follow your sales. It also includes a comprehensive email campaign for those that sign up and watch the video.
  • $9.95 / per month for 800 number. I did this but I'm not sure why. My 800-number is 800-230-7408.I believe the theory is that people will call this number. But I don't know that they will end this may be an erroneous expense. I'll keep you advised.
  • $12.17 for a .com from GoDaddy. I bought youwanttomakemoney.com This .com redirects you to a link on leveraged profit systems video landiing page.
  • $9.99 for domain protection. This keeps someone from stealing your .com name. I didn't want someone from overseas to steal my website name. I recommend doing this but it is not imperative.
  • $50 for two Craigslist ads I created and put on an ad in Fort Myers and Sarasota CL.
  • So far I have $749 invested in this idea. Let's see where this goes!