Learn how to build your online business Build an online income stream!

Profit Systems Testing

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Learn how to build your online business Build an online income stream!

Profit Systems Testing

Have you ever wondered if online income opportunities are real?

makeing online money

We have all seen them. Ads on Craigslist. Videos on YouTube. Commercials when we're looking for something else.
Online money making schemes, claiming that they got wealthy and you can too! These profit making gurus show us their fancy cars and houses. Is it real? Can the average person reach Financial Freedom through online marketing? Can you write a book, sell it on Amazon and create another incomr stream? Is there money in selling other people's products? We think these are good questions.

Have you said to yourself, if making money online is so easy, why isn't everyone doing it?

What we are going to do on this site is search for online income opportunities. We will test them in the real world and report our progress to you!

Make money or not? That is the question.

This site is a work in progress. Online it always is. A snapshot in time. A moment in personal history. Is living well possible with online income stream? Is living well possible with online income stream?Our plan is to do a Blog for each profit-making system. Point out the pluses and minuses of the system, as We see them. We will the show you the real dollars that are being made, if we make them. We will also show the real expenses that are necessary. By showing you complete transparency, we hope to either convince you to join the program or warn you to stay away from it. We will hopefully find great opportunities online to make money. Following the system's directions as close as we can, we will test them. Using our own money we will take the hits, so you don't have to!

Our team will give full disclosure as to what we spent both in time and money to get the "making money on the web" programs off the ground, then we will share our experience with you.

Online review of business processes. Online review of business processes.

Will it work? Will we make a profit from online marketing? What will be our return on investment for "online profit-making systems" be? Honestly, we don't know. But we're going to take the plunge and if you follow our post and we do this right, it may be a heck of a journey! At the very least we will all learn something about online marketing schemes. About product sales or any other online money producing idea that our team comes across, that seems legit and a win-win. Those are our favorites! Our goal, is to make this a community. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback, questions, comments or suggestions. You get the idea. Community, is made better by all. Let's work together toward the common purpose of proving out and creating Financial Independence through this new and exciting marketing and media format. Let's go make some money!

How will we report income opportunities?

We will systematically tell you what we've done to make these ideas be successful.

  • We will tell you the cost involved in setting it up our making money online systems.
  • We will tell you the hours that we put into the online making money programs.
  • The programs that we find that may automate our process and make the online profit making process flow smoother, take less time and basicly make it easier
  • Mostly. We're looking for proof of concept and we're taking you along for the ride!

Review criteria

Affordability (5)

How costly is it to start making money with this online profit system?

Ease of Use (5)

How difficult is it for the average person to run this online business opportunity?

Profitability (5)

How much money can you make online useing this profit system?

Autonomy (5)

Can this online money making system be automated? How much can I can I set up and have it work when I'm not?

Longevity (5)

How long can I make money online with this business? Does it have a life span?